Dyslexia can look markedly different person to person. Check out the most common signs of dyslexia. If you see three or more signs, consider contacting Dawn to screen your child. Traverse Dyslexia serves families in Silverton, Mount Angel, Stayton, Salem, Woodburn, and nearby areas in Oregon's Willamette Valley.


If your child has already had private testing and/or evaluations at school, Dawn is available for consultations to analyze records and reports to identify dyslexia. She can also attend SPED meetings, consult with educators, and provide presentations on dyslexia.


This service includes a parent interview, complete academic records review, and a series of 9-11 screening tools to determine if your child is dyslexic. Clients receive a 10-12 page written report, parent meeting/Q&A session, and a roadmap with recommendations.


The only evidence-based approaches for dyslexic students to improve their reading and spelling are based on the Orton-Gillingham method. Dawn provides private tutoring using an O-G based system, as well as handwriting remediation strategies for students with dysgraphia.

Contact Dawn to learn more at (971) 343-2525 or