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"I had been watching our son struggle with school from kindergarten to third grade. All his teachers were well-intentioned every time they said, 'he just needs to mature a little' or ' he'll get it with time' but he was not getting it and I knew there had to be more to the struggle than just more time needed. 

I saw an article about dyslexia written by Dawn and signed up for the free seminar. When I was there everything clicked and it seemed to all connect the missing dots. He has been tutoring for a year and half and it has been amazing! His tutor works so well with him and has so much patience with him. He has gained so much and has continued to consistently improve his reading scores, and this year in the end of fourth grade he passed his state reading test for the first time!


He loves tutoring and his confidence in his own ability to read has increased so much. I'm so thankful to have met Dawn, she is such a kind caring person and her passion to help kids is a blessing!"

-L.B., mother of J. age 10 

"Deciding to seek professional services from Traverse was simple. I knew my son would need critical support and intervention to excel and an investment in his future had to be made. Traverse has provided an essential, positive, and student centered approach to all of his needs. The difference in his skills is incredible and building daily. Absolutely the right choice for a family trying to make a difference for their kiddo." 


~C.W., father of A. age 8

“Dawn and her staff have proven to be professional, compassionate, and dedicated to my child’s unique needs. The progress my son has made over the last year and a half speaks to their abilities. I highly recommend their services.”

~J.R., mother of J. age 10

" My son has always struggled with reading and writing. I always contributed this to his delayed speech. It wasn't until they end of his 7th grade year when I reached out to his past speech therapist that I discovered my son may be dyslexic. She gave me the number to Traverse Dyslexia and the journey to help my son become a better, more confident reader and writer began.


The Traverse Dyslexia team has been encouraging throughout each step of the way. They helped me to develop a 504 plan for school to ensure my son received the educational opportunities, just with modifications that benefit the dyslexic student. One thing that I had worried about was how tutoring would affect my son's extracurricular activities. My son is a 'jock', it's where he has always excelled. The Traverse team sees the value in allowing a student to continue those activities that bring them confidence, in my son's case, football, basketball and baseball. They have been flexible and encouraging that he continue these activities and they just make sure he doubles up or makes up another day of tutoring.


My son has shown continued improvement in his reading and writing skills and if you ask him, he will say that his tutoring really has helped. He should finish the program by the end of this summer, and I am excited to set this foundation for him as he starts his high school journey. Making the call to Traverse Dyslexia was the one of the best calls I ever made!'

S.C., mother of T. age 14

"Seeing my son struggle in kindergarten and first grade broke my heart.  He was putting in so much effort and making very little progress.  We were always thinking of ways to help him, but nothing seemed to click.  I went to a class given by Dawn, where she explained dyslexia and the signs of it.  A light bulb came on in my head!  We are now 2 years down the road.  He's in third grade and reading at grade level.  Traverse Dyslexia has given him confidence and skills to believe that he can be a good reader and do well in school.  When I think about the past 2 years, it has been a commitment for everyone, but also very rewarding.  Dawn and the rest of her staff have all been so positive and great and encouraging on our journey. "

T.M., mother of G., age 8

"My 12 year old daughter has been doing sessions with Traverse Dyslexia twice a week for a year and a half. She entered at a 1st grade reading level and is now able to read at a 5th grade reading level. My daughter has had an IEP for 5 years, with one on one help from professionals in the school district for 90 minutes a day. That is A LOT of intervention! Unfortunately, she only got further and further behind her peers, which led to a very low self esteem. After 18 months of remediation, learning with methods that are focused specifically on her dyslexia, she has blossomed! I can not even imagine what growth will come for her over the next year as she is finally being presented with material in the unique way that she needs. Brings tears to this mamas eyes... I only wish we had started sooner!"

C.W., mother of G., age 12



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